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"Blue Ocean" is a term that was coined to represent leaving behind the shark-infested waters; where the competition is so thick that the sharks are having a hay-day, and the waters have been colored red from the bloody marketing battle.

At Blue Ocean Marketing we are ready to provide you with the nuclear submarine you need to escape those waters.

Hi, my name is Sue Bell, I'm CEO of Blue Ocean Marketing.  In 2009  I created the first SEO certification for agencies, and have been running year-long certification programs ever since. 

For the last two years I've been running a weekly and bi-weekly coaching program to help businesses with their marketing. 

I'm now ramping this program up.

This new program is designed to chart your marketing course into waters that your competitors won't find, allowing you to become the killer whale.

If you are ready to crush the sharks, fill out the form above and the subsequent questionnaire you will be sent, and we'll be in touch.

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Sue Bell


Sue has been helping businesses succeed online since the start of the internet in the 90's.  She has pioneered emerging technology and for the last 10 years has been creating digital marketing software and offering training and certification to marketing agencies.

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Fran Horvath


Fran is a traffic Goddess, whose ability to sleuth out new and inventive strategies for driving highly targeted traffic to your site will astound you.  She prefers to work her miracles in a quiet space, far removed from the rest of the team and surrounded by her dogs.


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